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Solar Made Simple

(Coming soon)

Developed & written by Keith Gough to explain solar and how the systems should be applied.

This book is by far a complete guide to solar products and I have only covered a limited number of topics, nor is it designed to be an instruction manual on how to install your own solar system. The main purpose is to offer a very basic understanding on the complex world of photovoltaic solar systems.

Most solar systems use high voltages or high currents this should be left to the professionals.

The world is changing and energy is becoming increasingly expensive. Many governments around the world look to renewables as the only solution.

Wind generation, solar power, hydro electricity are all renewable energy sources. With the exception of solar, most systems are expensive to buy and install and are generally suited for large scale installations.

On the other hand, Photovoltaic Solar energy,

(electricity produced from solar panels) is very scaleable from nano systems built into a watch or calculator, micro portable and fixed systems used for home or personal usage, to huge giga-watt solar farms supplying cities....

If you would like to know more on our book please let us know.

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