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Our new and innovative inverters

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The parity inverter is a little bit like a water tank for storing electricity, fill the tank up from the generator, off peak electricity or solar panels and silently use the power until the tank is empty or close to empty then it can be topped back up again by a generator or off-peak electricity. Payback period can be as little as 3 months it’s simple, you can save a fortune for years and years.

• 120V/240V Split phase Pure sine wave inverter

• Auto restart while using a generator

• Programmable supply priority for battery or grid

• Programmable charge timer

• Programmable multiple operation modes

• Configurable battery charging current/voltage

• Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting

• Overload/over temperature/short circuit protection

• Smart battery charger design for max performance

• With internal and external limiting function to prevent excess power overflow to the grid

• Supporting wifi monitoring and Build-in 2 strings of MPP trackers

• Smart settable three stages MPPT charging for optimised battery performance

• Six peak valley time setting with settable inverter max output power to allow user to use grid power more efficient and recover the investment.

8KW Parity Inverter


If grid sell selected, it will allow the inverter to sell excess power to the utility grid under the premise that the battery bank is fully charged (it depends on the set to charge voltage point). The grid sell power also can be set.

Battery capacity

Set the battery capacity depend on the real battery capacity you are using. Max A charge: Set maximum charging current to the battery from solar or grid or generator. Max A discharge: Set the maximum discharge current from the battery bank.

Limited power to home

This enables the inverter to prevent excess power from going to the grid depending on the ‘all loads’ condition in your house, a current sensor should be connected to the hot wire on the main circuit board.

Perfect for

- Marine applications

- Power shedding


- Remote locations with or with our solar or wind turbines

- Building offices

- Machines - Military applications

- Telecommunications applications

- Building sites

- Home/office/factory

- The list is endless

- Complete fuel saving system including batteries & solar supply

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